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Best Multipurpose Vehicles In Kenya In 2020

It is one thing to buy a vehicle and it is another to buy one that can be used in different ways for different tasks. If you are trying to find a multipurpose vehicle that suits your needs, check the 10 vehicles listed below:

1. Toyota Probox

The probox is currently the most affordable multipurpose vehicle in Kenya. It is quite spacious, making it just perfect for transporting families, doing deliveries and using it for businesses such as selling egg and house décor pieces.

2. Wish

This is considered to be a family vehicle, thanks to its spacious nature. You can start an entire business in it.

3. Mazda Premacy

It is a cute car with amazing engine performance and is relatively comfortable to drive. You can easily put it up for hire when people need to go for road trips or out of town excursions.

4. Toyota Hilux

Toyota hilux is one of the most common multipurpose vehicles in Kenya. Its roofless rear makes it convenient for transporting stuff.

5. Honda Stream RSZ

It has an enviable engine and speed with an aesthetically pleasing outlook, making it worth the coins, especially if you want it for its multipurpose wants. It is quite spacious as well.

6. Isuzu N-Series

This car is best known for its commercial uses. Therefore, if you need a car that will come in handy for business and commercial purposes, consider looking into this.

7. Discovery

This is more on the luxurious side, especially if you are buying it for your day to day activities. However, you will be surprised at how much money this bad boy can make you on an hourly basis if you hire it out for safaris and trips.

8. Range Rover Sport

This looks like a bag of money, literally. You can use it on your day to day activities like driving yourself to the office and back. Alongside that, this baddie can also be used for local tours, road trips as well as for business.

9. Subaru Impreza

Many people love it because for its price, it is a relatively fast yet fuel-friendly car. The price starts from ksh.400,000 depending on the year it was manufactured and the features.

10. Nissan Cube

This is a mini multipurpose vehicle that was produced 22 years ago in the year 1998. You can get it locally at about ksh.500, 000.

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