Best banks for saving in Kenya 2020

Many would arguably ask which is the best bank for saving in Kenya? We beleive  that most Kenyans know what savings means.

Saving accounts should pay you interest, not charge you fees, and help you safely and slowly grow your savings.

Well we’ve  prepared a list of some of the best banks for saving in 2020.

Best banks for saving in Kenya 2020

1. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank Photo/Courtesy

Standard Chartered is one of the oldest banks in Kenya with 144 years in the market, it has 34 branches countrywide. Stanchart Kenya is considered as in of the best banks in Kenya for saving.

2. Dubai Bank

Dubai Bank Photo/Courtesy

Dubai Bank has been in operation in Kenya since 1982. So far it has grown gradually  and made it to the list of best banks in Kenya. Just like Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai Bank is also considered as the best bank for saving in Kenya.

3. African Banking Corporation

ABC bank Photo/Courtesy

ABC bank is a Kenyan commercial bank, established in 1984. It has since been using the power of finance to support businesses and projects that benefit its customers. ABC Bank i also on the list of best banks for saving in Kenya.

4. NIC Bank

Dubai Bank Photo/Courtesy

NIC Bank is renowned for being the best asset finance bank in Kenya. Surprising part is that it has catapulted gradually to the top in only a decade. We’ll also recommend NIC bank for saving.