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7 Untapped business ideas in Kenya

There currently exists millions of businesses in Kenya, most of which are in saturated fields. What this means is that competition is very high where businesses are fighting for the same clients, trying as hard as possible to win them over. If you are looking into starting a business, there are a number of untapped options in the market. Below are 7 untapped business ideas in Kenya in 2020:

1. Blogging

You can earn good money via blogging in a niche you are well versed in. After your blog has grown a bit, you can apply for Google blog monetization where you get aid by Google for running ads on your site. You can as well partner with brands where you get paid for affiliate marketing.

2. Home cleaning services

Most people love living in clean spaces but not everyone has the time and energy to keep on cleaning their places. They therefore need people to clean the houses, gardens, swimming pools, laundry and utensils for them at a fee.

3. Daycare and babysitting

There are people who have babies but they are too busy to take care of them all round the clock. This means that when they are working, they need people to take care of the kids. If you have a good relationship with kids, consider doing this job.

4. Copywriting

Most businesses and brands are trying to stand out but they do not know how to go about it. Copywriters develop the words that they can use to describe the brands in a way that speaks in a way that promotes the company’s name and goals.

5. Virtual assistant

Since most companies have moved online and are having lots of engagements online, they end up needing people on standby to come in handy where any sort of assistance is needed. Such people get paid for answering clients’ queries and by recommending their services.

6. Home and online tutoring

Now that schools are closed and parents are trying their best to ensure that their children keep on learning, they end up hiring tutors who either conduct the studies online or they come in every other day to teach them. If you are well versed in certain study areas, consider being a tutor.

7. Social media influencing

Thing is, there is always space for new social media influencers. This is because everyone is unique in the way they present themselves and market the products. Therefore, if you can grow your brand and start approaching brands for partnerships, go for it.

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