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Best banks for small business owners

Most Kenyans have lots of lit business ideas but then getting financial support from financial institutions seem a hustle.

Not all businesses are major some are small businesses and they might require some financial start up.

Well below is the list of the best banks for small businesses.

Jamii Bora Bank 
Jamii Bora currently has three custom types of loans notably Biashara Plus, Super Biashara Plus and Dhahabu loan. The eligibility criteria is that one needs to have operated the business from a permanent location for at least 1 year and must have a proven credit track record. Thats a great deal for a hardworking small business owner.

Equity  Bank 

It’s no lie take a walk to a nearest Equity bank and this choice will be more proven.

Equity bank is one bank that has always been on the front row to support and embrace small businesses as a matter of fact,  Equity bank will be one of the best choices.

NIC Bank

Though it hasn’t been embraced long enough compared to Equity but the NIC Bank has also been playing a huge role in supporting small businesses.

NIC Bank will also be a perfect choose.

Paramount Universal Bank 
Paramount Universal Bank is a fast growing retail bank that has been operating in the country since 1993. In 2013, the bank ranked as the 37th biggest bank in the country by asset base.
African Banking Corporation 
Right at the top of Kenya’s best SME banks in Kenya is the ABC bank offer financial support to small business owners.  The bank was established 30 years ago and they have so far grown to 10 branches countrywide 4 branches in Nairobi and other 6 upcountry branches in Lamu, Eldoret, Meru, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa.
  • Famiy Bank
  • Dubai Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Africa

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