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12 hotspots in Nairobi CBD where one can be robbed in a broad day light

Mugging activities have taken roots in Nairobi Central Business, making it unsafe for anyone. It is important to note that expensive jewellery, weaves, phones, watches, laptop bags  are among the items, thieves are targeting.

Since nobody like to lose their hard earned valuables, it is always important to take caution and stay safe. Recently, Nairobi County government established a special squad which is expected to deal with the marauding gangs that have made life difficult for Nairobians.

Most of these criminal activities take place at around 4am to 6am in the morning and also 7pm to 11pm in the evening. The worst part of it is that, muggers can attack you even in broad day light and you will be robbed helplessly.

So as to ensure that you stay safe, I have decided to highlight hot spots of mugging activities in Nairobi Central Business;

1. Temple Road

2. Hatika Road

3. Railways Bus Terminus

3. Haile Selassie Avenue

4. KTDA Moi Avenue

5.  Racecourse Road

6. Kimathi Street

7. Tuskys Imara area

8. Embassava bus stage

9. The lane coming from Jamia Mall

10. Luthuli Avenue

11. River Road

12. Nation Centre

Any time you find yourself around these places be careful because you never know who is following you.


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