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Why Teachers Shouldn’t Close Old Account Immediately While Changing Pay Point

There are various reasons that can inform a teacher to change salary pay point. In most cases, teachers, alter their pay points so as to access credit from financial institutions that require them to open salary accounts with them first.

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At the same time, it is a migration to banks and Saccos that have a wide network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) or those whose debit cards are acceptable in many retail outlets such as supermarkets, hotels, petrol stations, hardware shops and so on.

In this write up, I am going to tell you why it is important to leave your old account open untill your salary comes through the new account at least once.

Of important to note is that, depending on the time of the month, your request may arrive at TSC too late to be included in the current payroll. This will cause you a lot of inconveniences because your salary will be posted to the account that you have just closed and the bank or Sacco will return it to TSC.

This will undoubtedly leave you in an awkward situation, since financial institutions cannot channel your salary into a closed account even when it is clearly available in their system.

Accounting regulations demand that such unapplied monies be returned back to sender.

If it happens that your salary has been returned, the following are the events that will happen before the money gets back to you:

  • When doing their reconciliation, the Sacco or bank will discover this unapplied money.
  • The financial institution writes a cheque of the amount of your salary in favour of TSC and sends it to their headquarters.
  • The headquarters of this financial institution sends the cheque to TSC.
  • TSC banks this cheque and investigates the cause for return of salary.
  • Upon establishing closure of account as the reason for returned salary, the TSC writes to you requesting you to submit your current pay point details.
  • The current pay point details are captured on the payroll if you have not already submitted the request for change of account.
  • The returned salary is released to your new account.

If you don’t notice quickly that you haven’t been paid and consequently delay in taking action, the return salary cycles can go on for several months with your pay accumulating at TSC.

It is increasingly clear that, whenever you change your pay point always leave your old account open until your salary comes through the new one at least once.

At the same time while filling the change of pay point form, attach certified copies of  your bank plate, ID card and latest pay slip and ensuring that these reach TSC in good time.

Do not leave these with documents with your bank or Sacco for them to forward to TSC. This way, you will avoid the inconveniences of this lengthy process of releasing a returned salary to you.

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