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TSC Unable To Account For KSh 720M For Recruitment of 6000 Interns

Jamleck Muturi, the chairman of the Teachers Service Commission, found himself between the rock and hard place on Monday, December 19, after he struggled to explain the Ksh720 million allotted for the appointment of 6000 intern teachers in July 2022.

The National Assembly Education Committee, led by its chairman Joseph Nyutu, demanded explanations about the hiring of intern instructors and the utilization of monies allotted for the endeavor.

The committee claimed that the prolonged procedure caused numerous Kenyans to lose their jobs, resulting in a reduction in man-hours.

“People lost an income that had been budgeted for by the government. Where were you, and why did you delay the recruitment of these teachers? Nyutu questioned

Despite this, the committee claimed that the exercise was not finished and that the commission was unable to account for the time and resources used.

“We started the recruitment process in July 2022 but delayed it a bit in October 2022 because of exams,“ Muturi responded.

It also demanded an account for the money allocated for the recruitment process.

“We want to know if the money is still there. Ksh720 million was allocated. It was supposed to have served Kenyans and not  fixing some money in some bank somewhere.”

The national assembly committee members wanted the commission to be charged a surcharge for any misappropriation of funds.

“Why does it take so long to identify the number of interns you need? It’s a matter of time before someone owns up and if possible the commission should be surcharged. We will surcharge you. We will calculate how the money was spent to the last cent,” one of the committee members stated.

In response TSC claimed that the funds had not been spent, and it intended to channel it towards the recruitment process they were dedicated to.

“I agree. These people have not started working. There is no money lost its just that Kenyans have not earned their salary,” the TSC chairman stated.

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