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TSC To Train Teachers On RLM Skills This August

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has decided to train two additional teachers in every regular and special primary schools and regular and special secondary school.

Training will involve Remote learning Management(RLM).

Remote learning is where the student and the educator, or information source, are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment.

The Training will be held for 2 days from Monday, 16th August 2021 to Tuesday, 17th August 2021 from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

Teachers’ employer has ordered regional and county directors provide number of teachers who will participate in the training.

“You are required to provide the Commission with the numbers of additional teachers to participate in the Virtual training for your County,”

At the same time county directors were urged to Provide the Commission with a list of FIVE Master Trainers among those who participate in the previous virtual training to conduct the training. The FIVE includes TWO secondary teachers, one CSO, one CSOSNE and one ICT Champion.

This is the second time in a period of three months in which the employer is vitually taking teachers through remote learning skills.

During the first training teachers were imparted with several Remote Leaning skills. Among the skill teachers acquired include:

  • Concept & Delivery of Remote Learning
  • Learning Management System
  • Accessing Digital Content for Remote Learning
  • Pedagogies of Remote Learning
  • Assessment in Remote Learning
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Monitoring Remote Learning
  • Policy Framework Supporting Remote Learning
  • Role of Stakeholders in Remote Learning

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