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TSC Sends Invitation Messages to Applicants January Recruitment

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has started sending suitably Interview messages have started trickling in for the teachers seeking employment with TSC.

A seven-day-county recruitment exercise will take place between Friday 13th January, 2023 and Monday 23rd  January, 2023.

Vetting at County Level , Handling of Complaints,  Signing of Internship Agreements, Offer of Internship Letters & Signing of Offer of Employment Letters will take place between Tuesday 24th January, 2023 – Tuesday.

Successfully recruited Teachers and Teacher Interns will report to their schools on Wednesday 1st February, 2023.

System generated Applicants’ Lists shall be used by the County Selection Panel to shortlist five (5) applicants for every post advertised. Details of the shortlisted applicants, interview dates and venues shall be published on the Teachers Service Commission website.

It is advisable that on the interview day, one to carry the following important documents.

1)The national identity card (ID)

2) Diplomas, degrees, and official transcripts

3) Teacher Registration Certificate (TSC number)

4) KCSE diplomas (including certificates for attempts if one resat exams)

5) The KCPE certificate or an equivalent (together with certificates of attempts in case one re-sits the exams)

7) National Council of Persons with Disabilities (if applicable)

8) Letter of Certification from KNEC for the results (if applicable)

9) An affidavit made in accordance with the Oaths and Statutory Declaration Act, Chapter 15 of Kenyan Laws, to explain the difference in names

Notice:Provisional transcripts won’t be accepted

To Increase your Chances of Winning in an interview,Consider the following.
(a) Communication Abilities
To avoid using slang, you must first provide all the relevant information. Be genuine at all times. Don’t close your eyes as you speak; be audible.

(b) Content/Subject Knowledge
Since the interviewer might ask questions related to the subject you are interviewing, you should be well-versed in it.

c) Describe your experience in detail
Starting with recent history. If you have attended more than one university, the most recent one must be the one you attended first


1.Advertise Vacant PostsSaturday 10th December, 20221 Day
2.Virtual Sensitization of Regional, County and Sub-County DirectorsFriday 16th December, 20221 Day
3.Online ApplicationsSaturday 10th December, 2022–  Friday 23rd  December, 202214 Days
4.Collection of Employment forms by the County DirectorsWednesday 28th December 20221 Day
5.Generation of Applicants’ Lists, shortlisting by the County Selection Panel and invitation for interviewsThursday 29th December, 2022 – Thursday 5th January, 20235 Days
6Submission of Lists of Shortlisted Candidates to the TSC Regional Director by the County DirectorFriday 6th January, 20231 Day
7.Submission of Lists of Shortlisted Candidates to HQs by the TSC Regional Director1 Day
8.Publishing of Lists of Shortlisted CandidatesFriday  13th January, 20231 Day
9.County Recruitment ProcessFriday 13th January, 2023 – Monday 23rd  January, 20237 Days
8.Vetting at County Level , Handling ofComplaints,   Signing of Internship Agreements,

Offer of Internship Letters & Signing of Offer of Employment Letters

Tuesday 24th January, 2023 – Tuesday 31st January, 20236 Days
9.Reporting of Teachers and Teacher Interns to SchoolsWednesday 1st February, 20231 Day
10.Submission of Recruitment Documents to HQsMonday 6th February 2023 – Thursday 9thFebruary 20234 Days

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