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TSC Scraps Manual Filling of Casualty Returns -Entry and Exit Reports

Teachers Service Commission has abolished manual filling of entry and exit reports for teachers entering or exiting a given station(school).

Entry or exit returns popularly known as casualty returns are documents that show that a teacher has started working or ceased working in a given station.

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In a circular dated 24th August 2021, TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia has directed that starting the first day of October, 2021 there will be no no manual filling of the Entry and Exit Reports (Casualty returns) for teachers.

According to Dr. Macharia the move is in line with its transformation agenda set out in the 20192023 Strategic Plan. Through the plan the teachers’ employer has successfully developed the Entry/Exit Report Module and migrated its services related to posting, transfer and deployment of teachers as well as filling of the Entry and Exit Returns to an online system.

She said: “Accordingly, there will be no manual filling of the Entry and Exit Reports (Casualty returns) for teachers once this module is fully implemented on 1/10/2021.”

The TSC boss further noted that in the fullness of time the commission will phase out all the manual processes pertaining to issuing, submission and processing of Posting, Transfer, Deployment letters and related returns with the ultimate goal of enhancing service delivery to teachers and stakeholders

In addition, Dr. Macharia stated that user guidelines that will help heads of institutions and commission’s field staff acquaint themselves with module will be available on the TSC website.

“The module will be accessed on the TSC website where the user guidelines have also been provided. The Commission’s field staff and Heads of Institutions are directed to acquaint themselves with the module in readiness for roll out on 1/10/2021,” said Tsc ceo.

In case of any inquiry, heads of institutions have been advised to contact the Commissions ICT Officers at the County and Sub County offices for technical support


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