TSC Salary scale for Teachers during third phase (2019/2020) Implementation of TSC-KNUT/KUPPET 2017-2021 CBA

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With the implementation of second phase of TSC-KNUT/KUPPET CBA coming to an end in a month time,the third phase that will run through 2019/2019 financial year will kick off immediately.

Unfortunately, only teachers in administrative positions will reap big during the implementation of the third phase. Senior teachers, deputy headteachers, headteachers, deputy principals, senior principals and chief principals are among categories of teachers set to smile all the way to the banks.

The third phase of the implementation of TSC-KNUT/KUPPET 2017-2021 CBA will cost  the taxpayer Sh13 billion. Primary teacher II, primary teacher I, secondary teacher III, secondary teacher II, secondary teacher II and primary special needs education categories will not benefit during this phase since their salary increment was only captured in phase one (2017/2018) and phase two (2018/2019).

The final Phase of CBA will be implemented in financial year 2020/2021. The agreement shall remain in force and bind all parties (TSC, KNUT and KUPPET) until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated.

TSC Salary scale for Teachers during third phase (2019/2020) Implementation of TSC-KNUT/KUPPET 2017-2021 CBA

TSC Grade/Job Group 2018/2019 Salary New Salary 2019/2020
 Chief principals, Grade D5 (Job Group Q and R) 111,201-152,937 121,814-157,656
Senior principals, Grade D4 (Job Group P)  99,730-114,432 109,249-118,169
Principals, Grade D3 (Job Group M and N) 77,840-90,612 93,850-102,802
Deputy principals III, Grade D2 (Job Group N) 71,565 -85,269 82,717-87,900
Senior teachers, senior masters and deputy principals IV in Grade D1 (Job Group M and N) 66,177-80,242 77,840-82,717
headteacher, deputy headteacher I and senior master III in Grade C5 (Job Group G to M) 40,849-60,000 51,632-62,272
Deputy headteacher II in Grade C4 (Job Group G to L) 35,927-49,912 45,287-51,632
Secondary teacher I and senior teacher I Grade C3 (Job Group L) 39,532-49,912 41,343-51,927
Senior teacher II, secondary teacher II and secondary II UT and primary special need education teacher in Grade C2 (Job Group G to J) 27, 325-32, 988 31, 242-33,971