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TSC Responds To Delayed Dispatchment Of Lydiah Ireri’s Casualty Letter

Teachers Service Commission has moved swiftly to respond to the case of Lydia Ireri, after she shared an emotional video.

In the six-minute video, Ireri sensationally explains how TSC has been ignoring her, despite having secured an opportunity with work with the commission on permanent and pensionable terms.

According to Ireri, her casualty letter is dated back February 27, but she received it on 27th July.

Ireri faulted the commission for failing to take her casualty letter. According to Ireri, the commission turned down the letter because it was stolen.

“When I got my letter last month(July) on 27, the principal who has been so helpful and other officers, did what they were supposed to do; writing the casualty letter, but it was not submitted at the headquarters because the letter was stolen,” stated irate Ireri.

It took the intervention of Ministry of Education Cabinet Administrative Secretary- Zack Kinuthia, who met Lydia Ireri together with the TSC officials and ironed out the issue amicably.

“I would want to appeal to all Kenyans who picked Lydia Ireri’s matter with great concern to relax and also thank them for their concern. I have seen her, and together with TSC Officials, we have settled her matter conclusively. From her tear of pain, she has dropped another of joy,” said Kinuthia.

TSC through its heads of communication, Beatrice Wababu, has cited corona virus pandemic for the delayed dispatchment of Lydia Ireri’s casualty letter.

“Lydia was recruited as a teacher by the Commission early this year. Unfortunately, her posting letter, along with those of other teachers recruited at the same time, could not be dispatched due to the disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic,” noted Beatrice Wababu.

However, the commission has assured affected teachers that all pending letters will be dispatched after the coronavirus pandemic has been contained.

“We look forward to issuing all pending postings letters once we overcome the Coronavirus pandemic and it is safe to reopen schools. We regret that Lydia had to travel to Nairobi today,” noted Wababu.

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