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TSC Re-advertises 3,469 Promotion Vacancies; Requirements, Application Deadline and Salary Scale

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has re-advertised 3,469 vacancies for promotion. The move comes after, the commission failed to get enough candidates in the previous promotion positions that were to be filled.

The newly advertised positions come with reprieve after the commission decided to shelve requirements for promotion. TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia said the requirements for promotion had been relaxed to allow teachers time to acquire the qualifications.

Re-advertised promotion positions

Principals in job group D3 369 93,850 – 102,807
Headteachers in Job group C5 451 51,631 – 62,272
Deputy headteachers in job group C4 2,634 45,287-51,632

In addition to above vacancies, the commission has also re-advertised the following position;

Secondary school Teacher I and II, senior masters, deputy principals, primary teacher I, senior teachers, deputy headteachers and headteachers For Teachers serving under Career Progression Guidelines in ASAL Areas

1. 16/2019 Deputy Principal II (D2) 12 25
2. 17/2019 Senior Master II/ Deputy Principal II (D1) 11 17
3. 18/2019 Senior Master IV(C4) 9 55
4. 19/2019 Secondary Teacher I (C3) 8 8
5. 20/2019 Deputy Principal II (D2) 12 10
6. 21/2019 Senior Master II/ Deputy Principal III (D1) 11 15
7. 22/2019 Senior Master III (C5) 10 8
8. 23/2019 Senior Master IV (C4) 9 225
9. 24/2019 Secondary Teacher I  (C3) 8 41
10. 25/2019 Secondary Teacher II (C2) 7 8
11. 26/2019 Deputy Headteacher I/Headteacher (C5) 10 119
12. 27/2019 Deputy Headteacher II (C4) 9 19
13. 28/2019 Senior Teacher I (C3) 8 10
14. 29/2019 Senior Teacher II (C2) 7 8
15. 30/2019 Primary Teacher I (CI) 6 57
16. 31/2019 Deputy Headteacher II (C4) 9 26
17. 32/2019 Senior Teacher I (C3) 8 59
18. 33/2019 Senior Teacher  II (C2) 7 35
19. 34/2019 Primary Teacher I (C1) 6 185

Vacancies for Secondary Teacher I (C3/T-Scale) For Teachers serving under Career Progression Guidelines in ASAL Areas

1. 35/2019 Secondary Teacher I (C3) 8 100


Requirements for application and deadline

Applications from suitably qualified candidates should reach TSC by Friday 17th January, 2020. Application will be submitted online through the TSC Portal www.teachersonline.go.ke

Those who are seeking to fill the positions must be cleared from the following government agencies;

  1. Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI)
  2. Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
  3. Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)
  4. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)
  5. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

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Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs)

Teachers who are serving under the career progression guidelines are likely to benefit from the re-advertised positions. This means teachers who are members of KNUT  are likely to miss out, since they serve under Schemes of Service following the court ruling June this year.

Members of KUPPET will benefit since they serve under CPGs that IS part and parcel of 2017-2021 CBA.


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