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TSC Promotes 1,963 Teachers To Higher Scales

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has promoted 1,963 teachers following interviews that were conducted between November 1 to 12 by the Commission.

Promoted teachers will fill up vacancies ranging from Grade C2-TSC Scale 7 (Senior Teacher II) to Grade D5 TSC Scale 15 (Chief Principal).

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For the promoted teachers 1,040 of them will be moved up to higher scales, according to TSC boss, Nancy Macharia.

A total of 923 teachers to be promoted are those holding positions of heads and deputy heads in arid and semi-arid lands (Asal).

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According to Dr. Nancy Macharia, promotion of teachers in Asal was a deliberate affirmative action to grow them.

Breakdown of promoted teachers

A minimum of 53 teachers have been selected to move to the position of Chief Principal.

40 teachers will be promoted to Senior Principal positions and 49 will move up to take principal slots.

Some 33 teachers passed the interviews and will take up the slots for deputy principals I.

15 will move up to take deputy principal II slots

Another 16 teachers have been selected for promotion to the senior lecturer I position as 18 will be promoted to senior lecturer II.

TSC has also selected some 34 teachers to be promoted to curriculum support officer I as nine will be promoted to curriculum support officer II. Some 63 teachers are set to rise up to senior head teacher positions.

The communication also shows that some 233 teachers will take up deputy headteacher II positions.

Another 233 will be posted to the senior headteacher I positions and a similar number selected to assume senior teacher II slots.

And for the Asal promotions, 19 will move up to take principal slots as 12 take up deputy principal II positions.

Only two have been selected to take up senior master II and deputy principal III, as 46 others are set to assume new roles as senior master III (job group C5)

Those selected to move up to senior master IV are 165 teachers with 16 others set to take up slots under the senior master II and deputy principal III.

Others set for promotions are 24 teachers moving up to secondary teacher I position and 111 for deputy head teacher I/head teacher (job group (C5).

Others are 263 teachers who will rise to take up senior teacher II slots and 122 others who will move up to senior teacher II.


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