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TSC Grading System For Curriculum Support Officers Under CPGs

Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs) outline the academic and professional criteria for
curriculum support officers career advancement. The guidelines link an officer’s career
progression, to his/her performance and professional conduct.

TSC Career Progression Guidelines became operational with effect from t 11th
September 2019 and supersedes the existing Schemes of Service . All serving
curriculum officers will automatically became members of the Career Progression Guidelines.

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Aims of TSC CSO Career Progression Guidelines

  1. To provide for minimum requirements for recruitment
  2. To provide for a well-defined career structure that will attract, motivate and facilitate retention of suitably qualified and competent staff;
  3. To provide for Clearly defined job descriptions and specifications with clear duties and responsibilities at all levels within the career structure, which will ensure proper deployment, advancement and utilization of personnel;
  4. Incorporation of human resource planning principles to address career progression and succession management;
  5. Provision of minimum qualifications for career advancement;
  6. To establish standards for recruitment, training and development, and advancement within the career structure on the basis of knowledge, competence, merit, experience and ability as reflected in work performance and results; and
  7. A mechanism for monitoring and evaluating career progression.

The Curriculum Support Officers, CSOs, are charged with the responsibility assessing teachers needs, training them, providing professional guidance and assessing learning outcomes among other responsibilities.

In addition, CSOs also ensure that teachers comply with the set teaching
standards, advise on career progression and professional development for teachers,
monitoring the conduct and performance of teachers and collection and maintenance of
teacher management data.


The Career Progression Guidelines establishes four (4) grades of Curriculum Support Officers, who will be designated and graded as follows:

DesignationTSC  ScaleLength of Service
Curriculum Support Officer II109
Curriculum Support Officer I1110
Senior Curriculum Support Officer1212
Chief Curriculum Support officer1315


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