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TSC Extends Deadline for Online Applications of Advertised Vacancies

Teachers ‘ employer (TSC) has extended online application deadline for recently advertised vacancies for teachers and intern teachers.

Initially, the commission had slated the deadline of online application for 16th December 2022. In the new reviewed recruitment roadmap, suitable candidates have up-to Friday 23rd December, 2022 to make their applications online.

According to the reviewed roadmap, online application kicked off on Saturday 10th December, 2022 will run up-to Friday 23rd December, 2022.

Over 35,500 teaching vacancies for teachers and intern teachers are up for grab according to advertisement that was made by the commission earlier this month.

Once the application exercise has been concluded the commission will generate Applicants’ Lists. Thereafter shortlisting by the County Selection Panel and invitation for interviews will take place between Thursday 29th December, 2022 and Thursday 5th January, 2023.

A rigorous recruitment exercise will take place between Friday 13th January, 2023 and Monday 23rd  January, 2023.

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How to Apply

Interested candidates were asked to submit their application online through the commission’s website www(dot)tsc(dot)go(dot)ke.

Click on the careers tab to submit your application.

Also, applicants can visit the teachersonline(dot)tsc(dot)go(dot)ke for submissions.

Applicants must upload copies of professional and academic certificates together with other relevant documents where necessary.

All applications should be submitted before Friday, December 16, 2022.

Notably, if the applicant’s names differ on different documents, they must present an affidavit sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Constitution, when called for an interview.

“If you apply online, you do not need to submit a hard copy version to the commission. No payments is required of any kind,” TSC warned.

On the platform, teachers can also register with the commission.

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