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TSC Evidence Required For Proof of Internship During Recruitment To Score 30 Marks

Recently the Teachers Service Commission announced 2945 recruitment vacancies on permanent and pensionable terms for intern teachers and unemployed suitable teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

Suitable applicants are required  to apply online as from  Wednesday 19th February 2022 as the  Commission and Boards of Management are required to conduct the selection exercise for the advertised vacancies in their institutions .

Internship Teachers
It is increasingly clear that intern teachers are are the biggest winners since the commission has announced that it will use the 2021/2022 recruitment guidelines where the score sheet favours them.

In the revised score sheet intern teachers are awarded 30marks which is a big boost for them as compared to the previous 10marks they were awarded.

This has left  teachers who did not manage to secure internship vacancies  and those who did not bother to apply for internship interviews with regrets  in the name of low stepped salary when the exercise kicked off.

Evidence Required for interns teachers 

Despite the huge chunk of marks that are awarded to inter teachers, they are however required to table evidence that they bonafide teachers contracted by the commission to teach under the year-long internship programme.

In the current recruitment exercise, all the interns either Junior or Senior are awarded equal marks of 30.

In completion of the exercise the commission is expected to award  certificates of internship.

1. Three Pay slips for  2021 Duly certified by the principal

2. Recommendation letter from Head of The Institution you were interned.

3.Letter of Offer from the County Director of Education detailing when you were contracted.

Prospective employees serving under the contractual terms must present above documents  on the day of interview for one to score the 30 marks.

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