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TSC Asks Teachers to Brush Off Document Containing List of New Administrators

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has disowned a document doing rounds in the social media with detailed list of administrators in each county.

The document that is over 2,500 pages long and titled as TSC List of School Administrators displays details of teachers including; TSC number, name, designation name, grade and school name.

The commission has moved swiftly to disabuse the general public of the misleading information contained in the fake document.

Through a statement, TSC  has noted that it is not the origin of the fake document and the teachers should treat it with the contempt it deserves.

“A lengthy document circulating on social media and which contains names purporting to be of school administrators is fake. It has not originated from TSC. Please ignore it,” stated the commission.

Fake list of TSC Administrators

Despite the commission’s quick move to inform the public about the fake document, questions of how the person who came up the document was spot on as far as details of teachers are concerned have been raised.

This undoubtedly means that the privacy of teachers has been infringed and somebody is seemingly sleeping on the job.

On Monday 22nd June, the commission also cautioned teachers to brush off whatsApp posts that were directing teachers to submit their details to county offices for audit and validation.

According to the fake directive, senior teachers were ordered to submit appointment letter as senior teacher before the CBA, letters of promotion, national identity card and highest academic certificate.

“Please ignore some fake posts circulating on social media and especially whatsApp groups about teachers audit and validation,” noted the commission.


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