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TSC Application For Advertised July Posts Lapses Today

Today July 7, 2022 is the last day for suitable applicants who seek to fill TSC advertised vacancies. Accordance to the Teachers Service Commission’s recruiting recruiting guidelines, once application period has lapsed, focus will switch to publishing of merit list.

Here is the recruitment link http://hrmis.tsc.go.ke

Following that, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will publish the names of the teachers who will be successfully selected for shortlisting in the ongoing recruitment process on its official website.

Shortlisting of Applicants by the County Selection panel Compilation of the regional shortlist
will take place for two days between Monday 11th July 2022  and Tuesday 12th
July 2022.

Publishing of the list of shortlisted candidates on the TSC website will take place for three days between Wednesday 13th July, 2022 and Friday 15th July, 2022.

Once lists of shortlisted candidates have been published the next exercise will be County Selection Process and Filling of Application for Employment Forms by Successful Candidates This exercise will take place for five days between Thursday 21th July, 2022 and Wednesday 27th July, 2022.

Vetting and Handling of Complaints at County Level will take place between Thursday 28th July, 2022 and  Wednesday3rd August, 2022.

Any applicant who is dissatisfied with the exercise should submit to the TSC County Director a written complaint immediately and send an email to the TSC Headquarters through, dirstaffing@tsc.go.ke not later than seven (7) days after the selection exercise;

The TSC County Director should, within seven (7) days of receipt of such a complaint, analyze and address all complaints raised after the selection process has been completed and thereafter submit a report to the Headquarters on the action taken.

Where an applicant is dissatisfied with the decision of the TSC County Director in (ii) above, or where the complaint is made against the TSC County Director, the applicant shall appeal to the Appeals Committee on staffing functions at the TSC Headquarters. The Appeals Committee shall investigate the allegations and take appropriate action within fourteen (14) days.

Reporting of Teachers to Schools will be as from Thursday 1st September, 2022.

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