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TSC AON Minet Hospitals In Bomet, Kericho & Bomet Counties

Teachers in Bomet, Kericho and Bomet Counties are privileged to have at least one hospital contracted by AON Minet in each sub-county.

AON Minet is an insurance company that is brokered by Teachers Service Commission to offer medical service to teacher.

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In Bomet County three hospitals namely Tenwek, Legacy Family Health Option and St Clares Kaplong Mission Hospital are offering in-patient services.

In Kericho County, teachers can seek inpatient services from  St.Joseph Nyabondo Mission, Greenview Nursing Home, Dr.Annette C Sang, Siloam Hospital Limited Kericho, Aic Litein Cottage Hospital and St. Gabriel Hospital.

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Only two hospitals are contracted to offer inpatient services in Narok County; Narok Cottage Hospital and Breetons Medical Centre

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Here is a list of Hospitals Contracted by TSC AON Minet in Baringo County

  Bomet Bomet Central Bomet Siloam Hospital Limited Bomet Direct OP/Dental
  Bomet Bomet Central Bomet Optex Opticians Limited Bomet Direct Optical
  Bomet Bomet Central Tenwek Tenwek Hospital Tenwek Direct OP/IP/MAT
  Bomet Bomet East Longisa Legacy Family Health Option Direct OP/Optical/Dental
  Bomet Konoin Mogogosiek Chelymo Medical centre Direct IP/OP/Dental/MAT
  Bomet Sotik Kaplong St Clares Kaplong Mission Hospital Direct IP/Dental/MAT/OP
Kericho Belgut Kericho St.Joseph Nyabondo Mission Direct OP/IP/MAT  
Kericho Kipkelion East Chepseon Chesinende Health Services Direct OP/Dental  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Afyapoint Medical & Dental Clinic Embassy Direct Dental  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Bliss Medical Centre  Kericho Direct OP/Dental/Optical  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Figtree Dental Clinic Direct Dental  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Kericho Medical Clinic Ltd Direct OP/MAT  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Greenview Nursing Home Direct OP/IP/MAT  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Dr.Annette C Sang Referral OP/IP  
Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Siloam Hospital Limited Kericho Direct OP/IP/MAT  
Kericho Bureti Litein Aic Litein Cottage Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT  
Kericho Bureti Litein St. Gabriel Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT  
Kericho Kipkelion West Kipkelion Siloam Hospital Limited -Kipkelion Direct OP  
Narok Narok North Narok Narok Cottage Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT  
Narok Narok North Narok Optomart Optician’S Eye Clinic Direct Optical  
Narok Narok North Narok Town Medicatia Hospital Limited Direct IP/MAT  
Narok Narok North Narok Town Medicross Medical Centre Narok Direct OP/Dental  
Narok Transmara East Emuurua Dikkir Njipiship Hillview Medical Centre Direct OP  
Narok Transmara West Kilgoris Breetons Medical Centre DIRECT OP/IP/MAT  
Narok Transmara West Kilgoris Adams Dental and Eye Services and Supplies Ltd DIRECT Dental/Optical  
Narok Transmara East Emuurua Dikkir Olchobosei Medical Centre Direct OP  


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