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TSC AON Minet Hospitals In Bomet, Kericho & Bomet Counties

Teachers in Bomet, Kericho and Bomet Counties are privileged to have at least one hospital contracted by AON Minet in each sub-county.

AON Minet is an insurance company that is brokered by Teachers Service Commission to offer medical service to teacher.

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In Bomet County three hospitals namely Tenwek, Legacy Family Health Option and St Clares Kaplong Mission Hospital are offering in-patient services.

In Kericho County, teachers can seek inpatient services from  St.Joseph Nyabondo Mission, Greenview Nursing Home, Dr.Annette C Sang, Siloam Hospital Limited Kericho, Aic Litein Cottage Hospital and St. Gabriel Hospital.

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Only two hospitals are contracted to offer inpatient services in Narok County; Narok Cottage Hospital and Breetons Medical Centre

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Here is a list of Hospitals Contracted by TSC AON Minet in Baringo County

 BometBomet CentralBometSiloam Hospital Limited BometDirectOP/Dental
 BometBomet CentralBometOptex Opticians Limited BometDirectOptical
 BometBomet CentralTenwekTenwek Hospital TenwekDirectOP/IP/MAT
 BometBomet EastLongisaLegacy Family Health OptionDirectOP/Optical/Dental
 BometKonoinMogogosiekChelymo Medical centreDirectIP/OP/Dental/MAT
 BometSotikKaplongSt Clares Kaplong Mission HospitalDirectIP/Dental/MAT/OP
KerichoBelgutKerichoSt.Joseph Nyabondo MissionDirectOP/IP/MAT 
KerichoKipkelion EastChepseonChesinende Health ServicesDirectOP/Dental 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoAfyapoint Medical & Dental Clinic EmbassyDirectDental 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoBliss Medical Centre  KerichoDirectOP/Dental/Optical 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoFigtree Dental ClinicDirectDental 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoKericho Medical Clinic LtdDirectOP/MAT 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoGreenview Nursing HomeDirectOP/IP/MAT 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoDr.Annette C SangReferralOP/IP 
KerichoAinamoiKerichoSiloam Hospital Limited KerichoDirectOP/IP/MAT 
KerichoBuretiLiteinAic Litein Cottage HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT 
KerichoBuretiLiteinSt. Gabriel HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT 
KerichoKipkelion WestKipkelionSiloam Hospital Limited -KipkelionDirectOP 
NarokNarok NorthNarokNarok Cottage HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT 
NarokNarok NorthNarokOptomart Optician’S Eye ClinicDirectOptical 
NarokNarok NorthNarok TownMedicatia Hospital LimitedDirectIP/MAT 
NarokNarok NorthNarok TownMedicross Medical Centre NarokDirectOP/Dental 
NarokTransmara EastEmuurua DikkirNjipiship Hillview Medical CentreDirectOP 
NarokTransmara WestKilgorisBreetons Medical CentreDIRECTOP/IP/MAT 
NarokTransmara WestKilgorisAdams Dental and Eye Services and Supplies LtdDIRECTDental/Optical 
NarokTransmara EastEmuurua DikkirOlchobosei Medical CentreDirectOP 


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