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Transition Of First CBC Cohort From Basic to University  Education

Transition of the First CBC Cohort from Basic to University  Education is envisaged to occur in Year 2029.

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The transition to university education has been conceptualized based on the Basic  Education Curriculum Framework (KICD, 2017) that articulates  the CBC approach, Guiding Principles and the various Pathways  and Tracks (KICD, 2017) to be offered in Senior Secondary School. 

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To prepare for this transition, the Taskforce recommends the  following on strategy and policy respectively:  

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  1. CUE to fast-track development and review of university programmes to align with the three pathways offered in Senior  Secondary School.  
  2. MoE to expand infrastructure to offer courses in the three  Pathways and 12 Tracks within identified niche areas and  localized specializations.
  3. Universities to retool lecturers by providing pedagogical  training responsive to the CBC approach.  
  4. CUE to enforce rationalization of lecturer recruitment to meet  the changing educational needs in a cost-effective way.
  5. CUE to oversee integration of Community Service Learning  policy as a critical aspect of university programmes. 

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