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CBC Transitioning Junior Secondary School Learners To Senior  Secondary School (SSS)

The implementation of the Pathways and Tracks at SSS in 2026, while considering equity and cost effectiveness, raises the issue of adequate preparations in terms of infrastructure and human  resources (especially physical infrastructure for STEM and  teachers for new learning areas like Sports Science).

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3 Pathways

This in the  context of the Basic Education Curriculum Framework (KICD, 2017) which proposes that 60 per cent of the learners at SSS will  pursue the 4 Tracks in the STEM Pathway. The remaining 25 per cent will pursue Languages and Social Sciences, while 15 per cent  will pursue Sports Science, Performing and Visual Arts.

In this  context, the Taskforce recommends implementation of the  following strategies and policy direction respectively

  1. All 10,359 secondary schools to host both Junior and Senior  Secondary school levels. 
  2. All Senior Secondary Schools to host at least two Pathways for optimal utilization of resources. 
  3. Identify secondary schools that can host all 3 Senior Secondary School Pathways and progressively enhance their  infrastructural capacity. 
  4. The existing (35) Special Needs Education (SNE) secondary schools be designated to cater for both JSS and SSS for Tracks that the respective SNE learners can pursue in the three  Pathways. 
  5. Implement a Career Guidance programme to prepare learners  for choice of Pathways and Tracks in Senior Secondary School.
  6. The Guidelines on Basic Standard Requirements for  Registration of Educational and Training Institutions (GoK,  2020) be used for preparing schools to host Senior Secondary  School Pathways and Tracks. 
  7. TSC to prepare projections on teacher requirements for  reforms in Senior Secondary School. 

Policy provisions 

8. Every County to provide adequate opportunities for access to the 3 Pathways in Senior Secondary School to ensure equity. 

9. Placement to SSS be based on formative and summative  assessments in JSS and learners’ career choice.

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