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Top 5 Guaranteed things that turn women on…No.4 is Unbelievable

The question of what women want has been puzzling people for years. Many books, papers, blogs, films, art, and music have been devoted to this pressing topic, each unsatisfactorily finding a solution to the same.
 To conclude all this anxiety on what women desire i have decided to highlight top five things that arouse women sexually.

1. Avocado

This is because of the way they sensually hung from trees. Hence psychologically turning on women. But aside from their alluring shape, avocados are high in folate and vitamin K which increases energy and a healthy libido. They also contain the good kind of fat which boosts your mood making you ready for whatever may take place in the bedroom. They don’t call avocados the good kind of fat for nothing!

2. Sweat

There’s nothing quite like working up a good sweat! While I am not condoning anyone to skip the shower, studies have shown that women are sexually aroused by a man’s sweat. A study has shown that there is a compound in male sweat, androstadienone–which is added to fragrances, affected sexual arousal, mood, and brain activation in women.

3. Chocolate

According to a study, eating chocolate leads to higher levels of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. The participants in the study who ate at least one piece of chocolate a day experienced more active libidos and an overall better sex drive than those who didn’t eat chocolate. Chocolate increases the brain’s level of serotonin, which plays a big role in sexual excitation and decreasing depression, especially for women.

4. Rough hands

Never mind what they say, a man’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Studies have shown that women are aroused by men with big hands, the more rough, the better! Bigger hands that aren’t silky smooth are said to be indicative of a strong and skillful man. This may be common sense, after all, a man’s masculinity compliments a woman’s femininity.

5. Red colour

Give or take, colors can easily influence a person’s mood. Blue is said to be peaceful and suggests tranquility, while yellow catches attention and gives off energy. A study found that men who wore red were more sexually desirable and attractive to women. The color red is associated with power, which seemingly make men more rich and higher up on the social ladder. In the same study, women admitted their willingness to date and be sexually involved with the man who was wearing red. Also known to be linked to romance, the color red is also symbolic of love.

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