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Top 10 best and Marketable diploma courses in Kenya 2024

One of the best feeling as a teenager is to complete your secondary education. However, this feeling can turn out to be short lived if proper advice cannot be given regarding appropriate course to be undertaken at an institution of higher learning.

When choosing a course to pursue always consider these vital things;

  • Your Passion
  • Marketability of the course
  • Whether you meet minimum qualifications

There is no need for you to panic, we have made your work easier by coming up with a list of top 10 most marketable diploma courses in Kenya. Have a look;

1. Diploma in Nursing

Defensibly this course remains to be among the most marketable. Reason being? Health is a basic need and there is always an unending need of practitioners to cater for the needs of patients in hospitals and clinics. More and more health centers are being opened as days go by. Also, there is this myth that claims that the training that goes on in KMTCs is in-depth and intense compared to what goes on in Universities, hence the nurses that pursue diploma are quite marketable.

2. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

With more businesses coming up everyday, this course that will never run short of demand. Although most people believe that this course is flooded, the secret is always simple- pursue it alongside CPA or ACCA.

3. Diploma in Hospitality

When one specializes in courses such as catering, food production, hotel management or even tours and travel, they stand a high chance to be marketable. In this era, many people have found importance in travel and relaxation, hence more and more travel companies as well as hotels come up to cater for that niche. The beauty industry also need personnel to work as masseuse, make up artists or beauticians. You can earn as high as ksh.200,000 per month working in this field.

4. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Due to innovation and dynamism in the media world today, there are many forms of communication that have come up today that were not as effective say, 10 years ago. One of those methods is the use of social media to pass information for awareness and marketing purposes. Therefore, most media houses have had to shift their niche with shifting and changing needs. This has seen a rise in bloggers and vloggers since most people can easily find information off internet as compared to the traditional television, radio and billboard. Hence more and more personnel and needed in those new areas.

5. Diploma in Information Technology

Coding, javascript, HTML, python and c# all need personnel who are knowledgeable in that field. Earlier on, most companies used to outsource IT personnel but right now since most areas are digitalized, companies now hire fulltime practitioners in this field. You can earn as high as ksh.500,000 in this field; I kid you not.

6. Diploma in Human Resource Management

In every institution’s core lies the employees who are the human resource of the organization. They help in decision making concerning needs of both employees and visitors. Hence, HR personnel are a key resource of an organization.

7. Diploma in Education

Teaching course will always remain to be the most marketable course in Kenya. However, when settling for this course I will strongly advise you to for science option. To get more information, read here; marketable TSC subject combination.

8. Diploma in Graphic and Web Design

The world is shifting to the internet space. As a matter of fact, studies show that if you are a business with no social media presence, then you are missing out. With the rise in need of websites and links and codes to be used in purchases, there is a rise in need of people who can design such stuff in the net. You just need to be on top of the game.

9. Diploma in Medical Laboratory

Just like diploma in Nursing course, this course is also marketable You can never miss a job if you study this course. To pursue this course here are the minimum requirements; C in English or Kiswahili and Biology/Biological Sciences and Chemistry/Physical Sciences C in any one of the following: – Physics/Physical Sciences, Mathematics. For more information  Click here.

10. Diploma in Property Management

Real estate is an industry that is currently booming. More people are securing and acquiring land and property, hence needing people to stand in as agents. You can pocket a decent amount working in this industry.


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