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The Real Househelps of Kawangware Full Cast and their Real Names, New cast, Njugush’s exit, producers and writers, Synopsis, TRHK shift from KTN to NTV in 2020

The Real Househelps of Kawangware is a high- rated Kenyan comedy drama show that depicts the drama that revolves around the lives of people who live in a low- class estate in Nairobi known as Kawangware (Ungwaro). It is one local comedy show that is funny on so many levels. The show has a good number of funny and engaging actors such as Dj. Shiti and Awiti. You will crack your rib when you watch the show, trust me. The show airs on NTV every Wednesday at 7.30 pm and has most of its 284+ episodes on You Tube. It was previously aired on KTN but got shifted to NTV.

TRHK Producers and Writers

The Real Househelps of Kawangware was produced by the one and only veteran in this industry; Philip Karanja. He co- owns Phil- It, which is a production company with his old friend Abel Mutua. TRHK was written by Godwin Otwoma. The show premiered on March, 2014 and has never stopped entertaining viewers up to date.

TRHK Synopsis

THRK is a TV comedy-drama show that keeps up with the lives of four women who work as househelps in the slum- filled estate of Kawangware. The 4 househelps are Awiti, Truphena, Kalekye and Njambi. The package portrays comicalness and friendship as they balance work. Oh, and rumor-mongering. Forget Edgar Obare with the tea. These househelps always have some tongue- burning tea served on people around. They seem to know everything about locals, from the new girl in the estate to the man that has just started hitting on her.

Some people have even gone ahead to call this a knock- off version of the popular American Reality TV series known as ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ Well, not really knock-off, but a tailored version of the same to fit the Kenyan audience.

THRK Full Cast and their Real Names

Awiti Winnie Rubi No lie; THRK without Awiti is deadass boring. She is the tough, powerful and loud- voiced harsh woman in the show. Men tremble when they hear her voice. They tremble, not out of ecstasy, but out of fear. Her boyfriend, Njuguna, even fears her and is unable to go for Njambi because Awiti won’t let him.
Truphena Aisha Noor She is madly in love with food. If you want to entice Truphena, please use food and she will be at your beck and call. Ebeneza dumped her because he could not keep up with her crazy eating habits.

Aisha is married and has a 5 year old daughter.  She is a hairstylist and dancer by profession.

Kalekye Rebecca Mbithe She is the typical househelp who is there to work hard with the hopes that it will open great doors for her. She needs to provide for her family members who are upcountry. Kalekye is persistently fighting Truphena for agreeing to date Ebeneza, who is Truphena’s ex- boyfriend.
Njambi aka Babes Bernice Njeri She has so many lovers to the extent that when she gets pregnant, she does not know who the father of the baby is.

Bernice is a student at the Kenya Polytechnic University College.

Dj.Shiti Steven Oduor The ‘utaambia nini watu’ witty comedian made the show even more interesting and captivating. He has been able to grow from grass to grace.
Ebeneza He is Truphena’s ex- boyfriend. He dumped her because she eats a lot.
Njuguna aka Njugush Timothy Kimani Ndegwa He is Awiti’s boyfriend who is low-key scared of her. He is in love with Njambi but Awiti intimidates him and does everything in her power to possess him. Njuguna is a Malimali hawker.
Baba Boi He is Njambi’s employer. The two low-key have a love affair going on.
James Douglas Mui
Matilda Esther Chebet She is the prettiest lady in the show. She graduated from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.
Wambui Mzungu Kat Kenzie She is Onyi’s alleged girlfriend.
Janet Lucy Wache The show would be incomplete without Janet in it.
Michireti David Marucha Michireti was the gateman of Avocado court,where the show was shot. He is currently married to Wambui wa Wanjiku who was on the show as Siphira.
Siphira Wambui wa Wanjiku Siphira is the new kid in the block who is very witty. She is currently married to David Marucha who was on the show as Michireti.
Makena Kendi Kinyua She is the meekest of all the women in the show. She gets much of her income by being a barmaid.
Onyi Despite being very scary,he never starts trouble unless you cross his path.


Cast Members that have left TRHK

Njugush, Matilda and Truphena are veteran actors that have since left the show. They all left to pursue their other interests. Njugush left to pursue his personal projects. The main reason for his exit was low pay backed by disagreements with the producers.

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