The 16-year old student who disappeared last month reunites with her family

Its was joyous mood in the family of Mr. Charles Isoe and his wife Isabel Isoe after their daughter who allegedly disppeared on 18th August, 2018 was found in Nairobi area yesterday.

The Sironga High school girl mysteriously disappeared last month during August holiday in unclear circumstances. The family had reported that on that fateful morning, she walked out of the compound at Bokurati area, Ekerenyo in Nyamira North and never returned.

Contrary to initial claim as reported in some media that a teacher had eloped with her, its increasingly clear that the girl disappearance had nothing to do with the teacher who was adversely mentioned.

Jambo News has learnt that the 16-year old girl met a woman at Kericho town who later took her to Nairobi to work as a maid.

“She was picked by someone in Kericho and sent to Nairobi to be a house maid” said one of the family member

Yesterday it was jubilation and celebration when the girl re-united with the family after a period of more than a month that was marred with hopelessness and despair.

“We are so happy to have her back,safe and sound mind” said one of her sibling