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Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Transfer Form pdf Download, How To Fill It

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Transfer Form is a document filled when a teacher is seeking transfer from one school to another.

It is important to note that getting a transfer from one station to another is one of the uphill tasks a teacher can undertake. It is not easy especially if one has not completed the five year minimum requirement or three year requirement for teachers in North Eastern Part of Kenya.

Another hindrance to ones transfer is if the teacher happens to be the only one employed by commission to teach the two subjects in the school.

However, there is no room to despair when seeking for a transfer. There is an alternative option where you can seek for swop. A swop only works when the two teachers are in mutual agreement and they teaching same subjects combination.

While filling TSC transfer form it is requirement that the form is completed in triplicate by a teacher applying for inter-County/Intra-County transfer whereas if the transfer being sought is within Sub-County, only one copy is completed.

The following details are required:

  2. TSC Number, Mobile phone Number and Email.
  3. Teaching Subjects.
  4. Job Group.
  5. Current Station the Sub-County and County in which the school is found. The Length of stay at the present school and Length of stay in the same Sub-County.
  6. Present assignment(This could be any responsibility given assigned e.g class teacher,  Head Of Subject or H.O.D).
  7. Institution to which transfer is requested for the Sub-County and County in which it found.
  8. When is transfer required.
  9. Reason for transfer.
  10. Name, Signature and Date.
  11. Head of institution’s recommendation (after the head teacher has written his or recommendation, he or she is required to indicate his or name, TSC number, official rubber stamp, append signature and indicate date)

Once all above details have been filled in the form, the teacher should take the form to TSC county office for further consideration. Decision to be taken depends on recommendation made by TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

Note 1: Applications should be completed in TRIPLICATE. Two (2) of these copies should be forwarded to the County Director/Staffing Officer through the head of the institution for recommendation, and distribution as follows:

(i)  Original to the Teachers Service Commission.

(ii)  Copy to TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

Note 2: No teacher shall move from one station to another before he/she receives a letter of transfer from the Commission/TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

Note 3: A teacher’s transfer request may not be considered until he/she has served in a station he/she is assigned to teach for a period not less than five years, except under conditions specified in regulation 27 (2) of the Code of Regulations for Teachers.

To download TSC Transfer form click here

Download (PDF, 314KB)


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