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Teachers Service Commission (TSC) BANK Form pdf Download

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Bank form is a document that gives newly employed teacher an opportunity to fill pay point particulars so that the commission can process payment upon.

TSC Bank form can also be used by teachers in service when changing the pay point particulars.

It is important to note that a newly employed teacher qualifies to be paid the very day a he or she reports to the station and a casualty form is dully filled and sent to TSC headquarters by the school principal.

Here are the details that a teacher is supposed fill in the TSC Bank Form;

  1. Bank and its branch
  2. Street or Building
  3. County and Sub County
  4. TSC Number
  5. Bank Code And Branch Code
  6. Account Number as it appears on the Bank ATM Card
  7. Account Name as it appears on the Bank ATM Card

The TSC Bank Form also contains important details that guides the teacher when an overpayment is made to his or bank account.

“Where same amount of money constitutes an overpayment to me, I hereby give irrevocable authority to my Bank to return the same amount to Teachers Service Commission (TSC) whether or not am in service with commission.

This authority extends to any other bank or account to which the said amount may be transferred. This request supersedes any other request given to this date,” states the statement.

The teacher filling TSC Bank form is required to append his or her signature, enter National Identity Number and the date.

To download TSC Bank Form click here

Download (PDF, 391KB)

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