Teachers’ medical provider changes patient identification method in a bid to contain coronavirus

In the wake of coronavirus, AON-teachers’ medical provider has advised hospitals to switch from fingerprints to alternative methods of identifying patients. The move will seek to contain coronavirus since it is mainly transmitted through contact.

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“To reduce exposure, we have recommended that hospitals switch from fingerprints to alternative methods [of identifying patients] such as access cards, optical, facial and voice recognition among other options, said Mr Muthui on Tuesday.

This means that teachers and their dependants while seeking treatment will not be forced to use fingerprints for identification.

Mr. Muthui who is Aon Kenya Managing Director, also instructed service providers to allow teachers use one time pin (OTP) and cards or e-card for identification instead of fingerprints.

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Health experts have said that coronavirus can remain viable hours, days on a number of materials, thus replacing fingerprints identification with alternative methods will play a fulcrum role in keeping the virus at bay.

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The Managing Director also instructed service providers to put hand washing posters in all common areas of their operation. He further indicated that teachers will access important services during this trying moments.

“We are available to provide updates on ambulatory, hospitals and self-quarantine support through; 0800721316, 0732353535, and 0729471414,” said Mr Muthui.