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Shock as a Woman in Kisii Excommunicated for 30 Years

Elders in Nyabinyinyi, Nyatieko, Kitutu Central in Kisii county took up arms on Thursday 8th and excommunicated a middle aged woman for a period of thirty years.


Being excommunicated is almost unheard of in the current  modern society. Elders in the past applied punitive measures against offenders like being stoned to death or being excommunicated. Critical decision makers and elders of that time could find that as the only law that would protect the community and ensure continuity of an orderly society.


Application of the modern law seemed out of place for elders in Elders in Kitutu Central as they excommunicated a thirty year old woman for allegations of promiscuity.


According to residents in Nyabinyinyi, the thirty year old woman is notorious for beating her husband in broad daylight. That notwithstanding, it is alleged that the dishonest and sneaky woman, in the absence of her husband, locks the kids inside the house as she goes out for her night escapades. 


Allegations that she leaves in the evening and only comes in the morning raised alarm as elders realized that they will be held responsible should anything happen to her young children. 


After considerable thoughts around the case, the clan elders in Nyabinyinyi convened a meeting and confessed to having handled about 100 cases. According to them, time was ripe for them to make a firm decision. 


To assert their authority, one clan elder was selected to accompany the woman to her home and present her before her parents and local administrators who asserted that she was physically healthy. 


They signed minutes and agreed that the woman should only go back with her three cooking stones after 30 years. A period they believe is enough for her to earn a lesson.


Cases of promiscuity have been on the rise in kisii. This week, elders in nyaribari chache summoned a woman and fined her a goat for allegations of  promiscuity. 


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