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Roles and Duties of TSC Curriculum Support Officers (CSO)

Curriculum Support Officer (CSO) is a unit that was also established by the commission so as to decentralize functions of the commission.

Curriculum Support Officers (CSO) are established at the zonal level or any other level within the Sub County for purposes of providing quality teaching and learning.

The Curriculum Support Officer is responsible to the Sub-County Director in
undertaking the following:-

  •  Identifying the training needs of teachers and heads of institution and
    advising the Commission accordingly;
  • Liaising with the Sub-County Director and school administrators, providing support services to teachers and to continuously advising on teaching techniques, appropriate text books, lesson demonstrations and the challenges noted during assessments;
  • Organizing and conducting, in conjunction with the Sub-County
    Directors, courses on curriculum delivery and implementation through
    seminars, workshops, retreats and in-service programmes;
  • Advising teachers on appropriate resources including resource books,
    consumables, audio-visual aids and other materials necessary for effective teaching and learning;
  •  Assisting teachers to develop and use appropriate teaching aids and
    other reference materials;
  • Updating teachers on curriculum changes, pedagogy, content
    coverage and any other emerging issues in the teaching service;
  •  Developing work programmes for the Curriculum Support Centre;
  • Visiting schools, observing teaching techniques, conducting lessons
    demonstrative lessons and advising teachers on the appropriate teaching methods and techniques.
  • Assisting in the setting up and organization of subject and examinations/panels; and examinations and assessments procedures in schools at the zonal level;
  • Providing professional guidance and counseling to teachers and disseminating information on curriculum, evaluation, textbook selection and training;
  • Collecting and submitting to the Sub-County Director data on school
    enrollment, staff establishment, staff changes and other related information;
  • Participating in the organization and management of co-curricular activities;
  • Working with the Quality Assurance and Standards Officer to improve teaching and learning;
  •  Preparing regular progress reports for onward transmission to relevant
  •  Performing all other duties as may be necessary to promote standards in the teaching profession

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