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Race Against Time As TSC Set To Close Tpad Portal For Term Three Today

Teachers employed by the teachers service commission are currently racing against time to fill and submit their Professional and Development appraisal before midnight.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Curriculum Support Officers (CSO) have warned teachers who have not submitted their term three appraisals.

The Commission is expected to close the Teacher Performance Appraisal Development (TPAD) portal by midnight today and teachers including school administrators are required to appraise and submit their ratings early before the dateline.

Teachers who fail to take part in TPAD risk being issued with show cause and warning letters among other disciplinary actions.

In the recently updated TPAD portal the Commission has also allowed teachers to enroll and choose their preferred Teacher Professional Development (TPD) service provider.

The teachers’ employer said the appraisal system has been in place since 2016 on pilot basis, and running without being contested by any teachers union.

TPAD Calendar of Activities at the Institutional Level
TPAD Activity Action By Time frame
1. Planning meetings before  school opening involving all  staff to set school TPAD  Activity calendar Heads of Institutions , Senior  Management Team, Teachers, By the last week  of the school holiday.
2. Submission of professional  documentsHeads of institution All TeachersBy the end of the  first week of the  term 
3. Undertaking Lesson observations and identifying  and documenting teacher’s  professional gapsAppraisees and appraisers. Between 2nd 

week and 10th  

week of the term 

4. Undertaking teacher professional development to  address professional gaps.Appraisees, appraisers, institutional  administrators.Throughout the  term; from 1st week to the last  week of the term
5. Internal Monitoring & Evaluation of the  implementation of TPAD  process. Heads of institution, Deputy Head  of Institution, Heads of DepartmentContinuous  throughout the term
6. Monitoring the implementation  of TPAD process at county  level; zonal, sub county &  countyCurriculum Support Officers, Sub  County Directors and County  Directors Throughout the  term; from 1st week to the last  week of the term
7. TPAD rating meetings Appraisee (teachers) and appraiser  (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of  Institution, CSOs, SCD)By the closing  date of the term
8. Uploading of TPAD data and  evidence.Appraisee (teachers) and appraiser  (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of  Institution, CSOs, SCD)Throughout the  term

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