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Quickest ways of being rich in Kenya 2018

In life there are many ways of getting wealthy but all you need to have is consistency and a heart that never give up.

Check out some of the quickest ways of being rich in Kenya.

1. Seeking and winning government tenders

The cost of government tenders is often overestimated. If you successfully manage to supply corrupt government institutions with items, it won’t take you a year to own a  Ksh20 million home.

2. Win a political seat

Political seats in Kenya, be it MCA, MP, Senator or Governor have several benefits.

Politicians easily win tenders advertised at both county and national levels. A politician in Kenya has varieties of opportunities giving making him or her to soar easily to higher heights in economic ladder.

3. Join Illuminati

If you are not scared of doing wired things, then this is  what you can do and easily become rich. Illuminati churches are all over in Kenya and joining one is free.

4.  Placing bets on Jackpots

In life if you fear risks you will never excel. Most Kenyans have become overnight millionaires through betting. It doesn’t matter how many times you lose, just keep on trying because in life you never know where your luck is.

But most important always remember to bet responsibly.

5. Become an entrepreneur/Be your own boss

Working for someone in life will always limit how far you can reach. The best thing to do is resign and be your own boss. This will only work if you have sufficient capital. However, there are small scale businesses which do not require much capital but they command huge profits.

6. Start you own Church

I have seen people who have successfully pioneered a church and grown to be most influential in the society. All you need to do is sharpen your communication prowess and play with people’s emotions.

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