Pastor defiled 13 year old girl to ‘cast out demons from her body


A pastor earned himself 20 years in prison for defiling a 13-year-old girl to “exorcise the demons in her vagina”.
Denis Okelo Mateba visited the minor’s home in Khaunga, Kakamega County, on December 20, 2011 at 3pm in the absence of her mother who had gone to a funeral
The minor and her cousin, 12, were preparing a meal when the man of the cloth came knocking.
They were at ease with him because he had been to their home on two previous occasions at the invitation of the 13-year-old minor’s mother for prayers.
The pastor then asked the girl to accompany him to the main house so that he could exorcise demons which were in her vagina.
“Come to the main house I pray for you so that the demons that were put in your vagina by your boyfriend may get out,” the man said, according to the minor, who had no boyfriend then.
They walked out and left the younger girl in the kitchen.
The minor was taken aback when the pastor demanded that she undress. The man then gave her a concoction of herbs which she drank and lost her senses. When she came to, she found herself naked, bloodied and lying on a sack.
The girl’s cousin told the court that she peeped through the window of the main house when she heard the victim wailing.
“I saw the pastor lying on top of my cousin and when he saw me, he stood up, zipped his trousers and left the house to come and talk to me.”
The defiled girl came as the pastor was speaking to her cousin outside. She immediately took a bath.
The pastor then ordered the girl to wash the bloodied clothes of the defiled minor.
He ordered her to follow him to the shop where he bought birth control pills, which he asked her to take to the defiled minor and ask her to take one every morning.

Source: Standard digital