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TSC Transfers 1200 Principals, Head teachers To Their Home Counties January 2023

The Teachers Service Commission has approved the return of 14,613 teachers to their home counties, bringing the agency’s delocalisation policy to an end.

The approvals come before the expiration of the deadline set by the National Assembly’s education committee for the TSC to reverse the delocalization policy that saw teachers posted away from their homes.

Only 120 teachers’ requests for transfers were denied because TSC has yet to find replacements.

When TSC opened the window, 14,733 teachers from across the country had submitted applications for transfer to their local counties.

“All teachers and deputy headteachers are reporting on January 23 while school heads are to report on January 16,” the memo reads.

According to the statistics, 226 school principals, 189 deputy headteachers, and 1,948 primary school principals were transferred to counties of their choice.

At Kamusinga High School, one principal gives way to another. While the new principal is getting the office on acting capacity, other secondary schools will be receiving new principals by 16th January, that is next Monday.

There will be 1,316 secondary teachers and 10,934 primary school teachers transferred.

The commission clarified that TSC regional heads will be in charge of transfers within their respective regions.

Teachers who are transferred from one region to another will have their transfers effected by the teachers’ employer.

According to the memo, 12,019 teachers will be transferred within their current regions, while 2,594 have inter-regional transfers.

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