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No Strike as TSC and KNUT agree to hold a five-day retreat late September

On 23rd August 2018,Teacher Service Commission (TSC) held a consultative meeting with the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) to address some issues that have emerged in the course of the implementation of the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The meeting took place in an open, candid and cordial environment and addressed issues touching on

  • Promotions of teachers
  • Career Progression
  • Teacher appraisal program
  • Transfer of teachers

After intensive deliberation the both parties agreed to hold a five-day retreat between 30th September and 5th October 2018 for an indepth examination and consensus on all emerging issues.

Initially KNUT secretary general had threatened to lead teachers in downing their tools come September if matters raised were not going to be addressed fully. It seems that strike threats have been thwarted by today’s meeting and that third term will open as stipulated by 2018 term dates.

TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia had ordered the review of the current mode of teacher appraisal. Seemingly, teachers may not fill TPAD strarting next term until a new performance appraisal tool is devised. The new tool is likely to be used starting from early next year.

On the issue to deal with delocalisation, it was a big win for teachers when President Uhuru directed the education CS Amina Mohammed to relook in the policy n order to protect families.

However, it is increasingly clear that other pressing issues like AON-Minet medical scheme and plights of diploma teachers were not given a priority in today’s meeting. This definitely means that teachers will continue to receive shoddy services under this medical cover and diploma teachers will continue to receive unfair treatment.

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