New TSC score sheet for 2019 Recruitment, TSC Guidelines 2019, 2009 graduates to score 60 marks

In Summary

  • Best marketable tsc subjects combination
  • TSC Score sheet for master and graduate teachers 2019
  • TSC Score sheet for diploma teachers 2019
  • Advantage of certificate of Co-curricular participation

In the new recruitment guidelines released by TSC, qualified teachers who have masters and those with first class honors will stand high chances of securing TSC jobs.

Another factor that will increase chances of one to get employed is length of stay since graduation. However, tutors teaching subjects combinations like Physics/Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Chemistry/Biology are easily absorbed by TSC since they are few.

Graduate and Masters Teachers

Here is the score sheet that will be used by TSC during 2019 employment for teacherswith degree or Masters in B.ED

Master degree or first class – 35marks
second class upper divison – 30marks
second class lower division -25marks
pass – 20marks

For Diploma trained teachers here is the score sheet;

Distinction – 25marks

credit – 20marks

pass – 15marks

Its also important to note that length of stay after graduation is weighty when it comes to scoring marks;

  • 2009 and below – 60 marks
  • 2010  – 55 marks
  • 2011  – 50 marks
  • 2012 – 45 marks
  • 2013 – 40 marks
  • 2014 – 35 marks
  • 2015 – 30 marks
  • 2016 – 25 marks
  • 2017 – 20 marks
  • 2018 – 15 marks
  • 2019 – 10 marks


Advantage of Co-curricular certificate of participation

One who has a co-curricular certificate of participation will also stand higher chances of scoring more marks. This part is very crucial when it comes to breaking of ties.

  • Participation in co- curricular activities – 1 mark
  • Student’s academic performance – 1 mark
  • Special talent – 1 mark

So as to be on a save side, its important to provide evidence by producing a document to score above marks.

Its important to note that good command in communication and convincing confidence level will put you in a good position to secure a job with TSC.

Finaly, Ensure that your content mastery in your teaching subjects is commendable.

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