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TSC TPAD File and Documents for Teacher Appraisal and Promotion 2022

Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development, TPAD, is a termly tool devised by Teachers Services commission meant to keep teachers on check as far as curriculum development is concerned.

The tool that has received immense opposition from teachers plays a crucial role in teacher promotion.

In one of its circular, TSC reminded teachers of important documents  that are  supposed to form part of the TPAD file. According to the guidelines from TSC, documents in TPAD file documents must be prepared, used, updated and maintained frequently.

“The listed records must be prepared, used, updated and maintained at all times, it is upon these that the teacher will be rated. The head of institution must ensure that this checklist is marked monthly by the immediate supervisor,” the guidelines stipulate.

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The guidelines clearly stipulate that principals should put in place mechanisms to make learning institutions more safe.

“The principal is expected to put in place mechanisms to mitigate against technological and environmental hazards, terrorism and radicalisation, fire and natural disasters et cetera. Adhere to the requirements of the Ministry of Education safety standards Manual for Schools in Kenya (2008),” the document reads.

Here is a list of TPAD documents 

  1. Teaching Timetable
  2. Syllabus of the teaching subjects
  3. Approved and updated schemes of work
  4. Updated lesson plans
  5. Updated Lesson notes
  6. Updated records of work covered weekly.
  7. Mark books indicating pre-set target subject score, learners’ progress or value added records (assessment analysis continuous assessment tests)
  8. Analysis of previous years’ National Examination
  9. Marked or checked learners’ work exercise books.
  10. Daily class or lesson attendances register
  11. Co-curricular activities records
  12. Learners discipline management, guidance and counselling records
  13. Copies of Subject and Departmental meetings minutes.
  14. Teacher performance appraisal and development records
  15. Individualised educational programmes.
  16. Professional development activities
  17. Lesson observation records.
  18. Activities with stakeholders.
  19. Integration of ICT in teaching.
  20. Learning and preparation of teaching aids using locally available resource materials.

Each of these 20 aspects has five marks. This means teachers and heads of institutions will strive to settle for a maximum score of 100 percent.


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