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Nelson Havi Tells Off Teachers Over Calls To Challenge TSC TPD Courses

The president of Law Society of Kenya(LSK), Nelson Havi, has swore solemnly that he will not challenge teachers’ employer move to introduce refresher courses that will see teachers part ways with Ksh 6,000 yearly for Teacher Professional Development(TPD) modules.

In a tweet earlier today, Mr. Havi noted that teachers have been pestering him with calls urging him to take on the TSC over the refresher courses.

He further stated that teachers left the government to exhaustively fight the immediate former Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General, Mr. Wilson Sossion without demonstrating an iota of defense.

He said: “Teachers, you left Wilson Sossion to be fought to exhaustion by the State. KNUT withdrew all cases against the State when you replaced Sossion with a Secretary of ‘your preferred choice’. Please, stop calling me to challenge the directive by TSC that you be trained afresh”.

Teachers Service Commission launched a yearly programme that  will culminate in school teachers to renewing their professional certificates after every five years. TSC CEO Nancy Macharia said the move is meant to professionalise teaching fraternity so as to be at par with other careers like Law and Engineering.

The eloquent advocate has in the recent days proved to be the only hope for teachers. Earlier this month he challenged the implementation of CBC in court following public outcry.

In a statement, Havi argued that education in Kenya ought not to be expensive, inefficient and ineffective.

His resolution came after a section of parents caused an uproar, accusing schools of asking them to buy expensive books and giving assignments that needed funds.

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