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Murang’a University of Technology Portal: MUT Student Portal – portal.mut.ac.ke; Courses Offered, MUT Contact Adress

Murang’a University of Technology-MUT Courses and Programmes Offered

  1. Proficiency Certificate in Computer Applications (PCA)
  2. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  3. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  4. KATC 1 and 2
  5. Diploma in Water Resources Engineering
  6. Diploma in Tourism Management
  7. Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
  8. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology
  9. Diploma in Public Relations
  10. Diploma in Production Engineering
  11. Diploma in Plant Engineering
  12. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  13. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  14. Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  15. Diploma in Information Technology
  16. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  17. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  18. Diploma in Food Science and Technology
  19. Diploma in Fashion Design
  20. Diploma in Entrepreneurship in SMEs Management
  21. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Technology (Power)
  22. Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies
  23. Diploma in Computer Engineering and Technology
  24. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  25. Diploma in Civil and Built Environment Engineering
  26. Diploma in Business Management
  27. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  28. Diploma in Building Technology
  29. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  30. Diploma in Applied Biology
  31. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  32. Diploma in Air and Refrigeration Engineering
  33. Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
  34. CPA PART 1, 2 and 3
  35. Certificate in Tourism Management
  36. Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology
  37. Certificate in Public Relations
  38. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics
  39. Certificate in Information Technology
  40. Certificate in Hospitality Management
  41. Certificate in Food Science and Technology
  42. Certificate in Fashion Design
  43. Certificate in Entrepreneurship in SMEs Management
  44. Certificate in Criminology and Security Studies
  45. Certificate in Computer Repair and Maintenance (CRM)
  46. Certificate in Business Management
  47. Bridging Course in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics
  48. Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
  49. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  50. Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology
  51. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics
  52. Bachelor of Science in Linguistics and Communication Studies
  53. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  54. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
  55. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  56. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  57. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Small Enterprise Management
  58. Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Security Studies
  59. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  60. Bachelor of Science in Botany
  61. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  62. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  63. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  64. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Programming
  65. Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry
  66. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  67. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  68. Bachelor of Science (Computer Technology)
  69. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  70. Bachelor of Science
  71. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management (BPSM)
  72. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management (BPPM)
  73. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  74. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  75. Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Option
  76. Bachelor of Commerce Finance Option
  77. Bachelor of Commerce Banking Option
  78. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM), Accounting Option
  79. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  80. Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT)
  81. Bachelor of Business and Office Management (BBOM

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Murang’a University of Technology Portal: MUT Student Portal – portal.mut.ac.ke

You can visit and Access the Murang’a University of Technology Student Portal using a computer or mobile via the following link:

Murang’a University of Technology Contact Address

Working hours

MONDAY to FRIDAY: 8am to 5pm

PHONE: 0771463515, 0771370824

Address:P.O.BOX 75-10200

Murang’aEmail: info@mut.ac.ke

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