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Moyale Secondary school location, contacts, form one selection, KCSE results, KNEC code

This is a boys only public boarding secondary school located in Butiye location in Marsabit couty. The school offers quality 8-4-4 education system under the Kenyan curriculum. It is categorized as a national school and its status is ordinary school. The school is under the DEB/ government sponsorship.

Moyale Secondary School location;
Moyale Secondary school is located in Butiye sub location, Butiye location, Central- Moyale division, Moyale district in Moyale constituency, Marsabit county, Kenya. The school sits on a 65 acre piece of land. It also has an acreage per enrolment of 8.4 with the total enrolment of approximately 600 students. The school also tries hard in ensuring that it has enough teachers to attend to the academic needs of its students, hence working to ensure that there are enough teachers in the school. The total teaching staff of the school is 25. Schools that neighbour the school include Holale Primary school, Harhosa primary school, Butiye special unit school, Butiye primary school and Muslim Primary school.
Moyale Secondary School KCSE performance;
This school is known as one of the well- performing schools in the region. It has a history of sitting among the top in exams.
Moyale Secondary School Form one selection;
Here, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as the first choice are given higher priority than others. To add on that, selection is also done on need basis with the parents’ financial background put into consideration. This enables needy students to be able to access quality education as well.
Moyale Secondary School Contacts;
School’s KNEC code; 16311101
School’s physical location; Butiye location in Moyale constituency, Marsabit county, Kenya.
School’s postal address; P.O. Box 22-60700, Moyale.
Telephone/ mobile number; 0720386387.
Email; info@moyalesec.com
Website; moyalesecondaryschool.sc.ke

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