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16 Marketable courses in Kenya -2018

Unemployment rate in Kenya is on rise and probably its because most graduates are taking courses that do meet the expectation of job markets in Kenya.

So as to keep you abreast with what job markets in Kenya require, I’ve compiled a list of courses that are hot cake at any given time.

  1. Bachelor of medicine
  2. Bachelor of law
  3. Bachelor of pharmacy
  4. Bachelor of Education
  5. Bachelor of commerce
  6. Bachelor of procurement and purchasing
  7. Quantity surveying
  8. Actuarial science and professional actuarial courses
  9. Journalism and mass communication
  10. Bachelor of computer engineering/computer science
  11. Digital marketing
  12. Bachelor of software engineering/Web design
  13. Bachelor of nursing
  14. Architecture
  15. Bachelor of statistics/Applied Statistics
  16. Piloting

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