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List Of TSC AON Minet Hospitals In Kisii, Nyamira Counties

Teachers in both Nyamira and Kisii counties can access medical services from various contracted hospitals.

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At least one facility is contracted to serve teachers in every subc-ounty found in the two counties.

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Most hospitals in Kisii county are offering inpatient services unlike in Nyamira county where only Holsoms Medical Centre located in Kemera, in Manga North Sub-county is contracted to offer in patient and maternity services.

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Only Oasis Doctors Plaza Nyamira hospital is contracted to offer both dental and optical services in Nyamira county.

KisiiKitutu ChacheGesonsoNyangena HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT
KisiiBomachogeOgemboNeocare Specialist HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT
KisiiGucha SouthTabakaTabaka Mission HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT
KisiiKenyenyaKenyenyaKenyenya Medical And Diagnostic CentreDirectOP
KisiiKerokaKerokaSt Catherines Ichuni DispensaryDirectOP/IP/MAT
KisiiKisiiKisii TownCare And Cure HospitalDirectIP/MAT
KisiiKisiiKisii TownBliss Medical Centre  Kisii 1DirectOP/Dental/Optical
KisiiKisiiKisii TownBliss Medical Centre  Kisii 2DirectOP
KisiiKisiiKisii TownKisii Teaching and Referral HospitalReferralOP/IP/MAT
KisiiKisii CentralKisii TownRam Hospital LtdDirectOP/IP/MAT
KisiiKisii CentralKisii TownOasis Specialist Hospital LimitedReferralOP/IP/MAT
KisiiKisii CentralSansora BuildingKisii Family Medical CentreDirectOP
KisiiNyaribari ChacheKisii TownChristmarianne Mission HospitalDirectOP/IP/MAT
KisiiNyaribari ChacheKisii TownOptex Opticians Limited KisiiDirectOptical
KisiiNyaribari ChacheKisii TownKisii Physiotherapy ClinicReferralOP
KisiiSametaSametaLenmek Hospital LtdDirectIP/OP/Dental/Optical/MAT
NyamiraMasaba NorthKeroka TownMedstops Healthcare KenyaDirectOP/IP/MAT
NyamiraNorth MangaKemeraHolsoms Medical CentreDirectIP/OP
NyamiraNyamira SouthTownshipBliss Medical Centre  NyamiraDirectOP
NyamiraNyamira SouthTownshipOasis Doctors Plaza NyamiraDirectOP/Optical/Dental


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