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KNUT Wants Teachers With C Plain To Teach in Secondary Schools

Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT, is now pushing  for Teachers Service Commission to allow teachers with C(Plain) to be Deployed and Teach In Secondary Schools.

Currently the teachers’ employer TSC only permits teachers with a minimum mean grade of C+ and at least C+ in the two teaching subjects to teach secondary schools.

Earlier this week TSC advertises for over 35000 teaching posts that target both public primary and secondary schools.

While speaking at Kisumu Oyuu stated that politicians will not be permitted to interfere with the recruitment of teachers in the country.

“The recruitment of teachers is within the mandate of the commission. Anybody purporting to have exercise in recruitment should be condemned in the highest terms possible,” he said.

He criticized the centralization of teacher recruitment, which provides politicians with the opportunity to influence the recruitment of their relatives.

“We cannot subject this noble profession to selfish politicians meddling with matters of education. Politicians should completely keep off. This is not a chief’s affair,” Oyuu said.

The leader of KNUT asked politicians to identify and address any issues with the commission, but not to pose as a recruiting agency.

On the issue of the stagnation and advancements of teachers, Oyuu stated that they have written to the commission, which has pledged to address the matters.

The government has vowed to eliminating the teacher shortage in public schools by 116,000 within two fiscal years.

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