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KNUT discloses a team that will meet TSC during a five-day retreat

KNUT has formed a team of committee that will meet TSC in order to discuss and come up with ways of addressing issues affecting teachers. On Thursday August 21, 2018 KNUT and TSC held a consultative meeting at the TSC Headquarters. Through this meeting the strike notice was lifted, a move that made public schools to reopen for third term uninterrupted.

Pursuant to the resolution of that joint Consultative Committee Meeting held
on Thursday August 21, 2018 at the TSC Headquarters the KNUT National Steering Committee on behalf of the KNUT National Executive
Council (NEC) appointment the following:-
I. Mr. Hesbon Agola Otieno -Deputy Secretary General
2. Mr. James Muuo Ndiku -Deputy National Treaturer
3. Dr. Jacob Omolo -HR/CBA Technical Expert
4. Mr. Hillary’ Sigei -Legal Officer

The above team will meet with TSC and come up with a clear framework on how to smoothly implement 2017-2021 CBA. TSC and KNUT will meet from 30th September to 5th October so as to address issues like promotion of teachers, appraisal of teachers and way forward on Teacher Professional development courses.

A press statement released by KNUT clearly explained how the two teams will meet and iron out issues that have emerged in the course of implementation of the current CBA.

“Further, as per our agreement, they shall be expected to fully participate in your meetings and work with your team for the entire period of the life of the CBA to ensure the smooth implementation of the CBA for the remainder period. The contentious issues identified by us and raised in the previous meeting shall be items to be addressed by the team before the next retreat.” Said Wilson Sossion through press statement

Mr. Sossion also added that “it is our firm believe that KNUT and TSC shall secure lasting Industrial
Peace in all matters relating to the teaching service and the CBA.”

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