KNUT challenges KNEC to hire other professionals to invigilate national exams

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) now wants the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) to up full responsibilities of invigilation of examinations This can be done by advertising the vacancies for examiners in order to attract other professionals for the job.

Over the years Kenya National Examination Council has been using teachers to man the whole exercises but when things goes astray involved teachers face full wrath of interdiction.

This new move is being spearheaded by Knut’s Deputy National Treasurer James Ndiku. Speaking at Kenol town during the Knut Murang’a South branch annual general meeting on Saturday, Mr Ndiku stated categorically that teachers are frightened to take up roles of supervising and invigilation of national exams because of fear of interdiction.

“Teachers are coerced by TSC to invigilate the national examinations only for them to carry the blame when a mishap occurs. A case in point is when a chemistry practical equipment were not properly organised, a matter that saw a teacher being interdicted.” Said Mr.Ndiku.

He also added that knec should involve other professionals.

“The Knec should be autonomous and be left with the duty of contracting the teachers so that they take leave from TSC in order to attract the professionals in invigilating the exams”