KNEC online user manual registration for contracted professionals 2019; Contracted professionals System (CP2)

The Contracted Professionals System (CP2) is an integrated electronic system to automate the management of officers who are recruited to assist
KNEC in administering the examinations.

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The main aim of the system is to ensure that KNEC captures correct, accurate and timely details of all the personnel who are involved in the supervision, invigilation and management of examinations.

The system helps KNEC to efficiently process claims for payments, monitoring attendance during the examinations period, accountability for the contracted
professionals involved and streamline query resolutions.

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The system complements the current declarations forms that are signed and filled by all the personnel involved. In addition, contracted professionals data requested is stored in a central database for ease of management.

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All Contracted professionals are required to submit their details through the platform and apply for Job/ Vacancy based on the roles they play during the administration of various examinations in regards to the supervision, invigilation and management of each specific examination.

Download Knec user manual here:

KNEC- Online manual for KNEC Contracted Professionals