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10 Measures put in place by KNEC to provide security and management of KCPE & KCSE 2018

The Council has put several measures in place to improve on the security and
administration of national examinations since 2016.Some of the innovations
1. Installing containers in each sub county for storing exam materials for the 2018 KCSE & KCPE examinations will be stored
in the containers as was the case with the previous examinations. In 2018
KNEC has installed additional forty(40) containers in vast regions to reduce the
distances between distribution and examination centres.

2. The containers will continue having double lock system where the sub
County Directors of Education (SCDE) and the Deputy County
Commissioners will have the keys to secure and ensure that they open
and close the containers everyday of the examination. It has been noted
that some of the officers delegate their duties to other officers without
authority from their supervisors.

3. The Deputy County Commissioner will provide security to these containers.
Four security officers will be deployed to man the container on a 24 hour
basis. Two will man the container during the day and two at night. At no
time should there be armed security
personnel manning the container. The supervisor of the security officers
at the container should be among the officers. This is to minimise
on the costs involved the council does not have a provision for a fifth
security officer at the container;

4. One education officer should be appointed by the SCDE to assist in the
distribution of the examination materials to the centre managers everyday
of the examination.The officer should work with the Sub County
examinations officer.

5. One clerk will also be recruited by the SCDE to help in lifting the cartons in
and out of the container and carry out other clerical duties at the sub
County which are related to examinations twice weekly.

6. The examination materials under the escort of the security officers will be
dispatched directly from KNEC premises to the distribution point

7. The Centre managers will be collecting examination question papers from
the distribution point every day and hand them over to the supervisors. In
2018 all the Centre Managers will be issued with identification badges
which they must wear as they collect examination materials from the
container and at the examination centres.

8. At no anytime should the question papers be in any other place other
than in the examination room while at the examination centre.

9. After the examination of the day,the supervisor will hand over the
candidate’s’answer scripts to the centre manager who will return them to
the distribution point/container under security escort.

10. The TSC SubCounty directors will be expected to ensure accurate data of
supervisors and invigilators has been captured before it is submitted to
the council. All supervisors’ Invigilators and other field officers’ data shall
be captured online. You need to enter your details in the KNEC website.

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