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KNEC CBA Assessment Tools – Questionnaire

These are tools used to collect information on competencies (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes) acquired by a learner during or after learning session or period.

A variety of tools can be used to assess learners with disabilities undertaking the Stage Based Pathway and whose tasks are performance based. The classroom assessment should be carried out in the learner’s natural environment.

Teachers are encouraged to develop simple classroom assessment tools to assess
their learners after covering a lesson, sub strand(s), strand(s) as may be appropriate. This will enhance the practice of formative assessment.

In this post we shall discuss the questionnaire as a CBA Assessment tool.

A questionnaire is a list of questions on  various aspects of a person’s situation or  issue. It requires the respondent to give  honest opinions or views through open-ended  or closed questions.  

Simple questionnaires can be developed and  administered by the teacher to individual  learners in various cases such as:  

i) before teaching to find out the  physical and emotional needs,  characteristics, experiences and  knowledge levels of learners (entry  behaviour); 

ii) during teaching, questionnaires  enable the teacher to find out how  various learners are progressing and  responding to the learning activities.  Questionnaires can be given to  learners to gather feedback on how  they are applying their learned  competencies to challenging or  difficult situations they are  encountering in and out of school.  This helps the teacher to take  appropriate action.

The questionnaire should comprise: 

(i) title; 

(ii) general instructions: to help the person completing the questionnaire have a general  understanding of the purpose;  

(iii) personal information;  

(iv) specific instructions on how to respond to specific questions;  

(v) questionnaire items;  

(vi) conclusion.  

Example of a questionnaire  

The teacher may want to find out whether the learners eat fruits using the following questions.  Did you eat a fruit yesterday? (tick appropriately) 

Yes No  

If yes, what type of fruit? How much? Write the quantity of fruit that you ate (eg 1, ½ or ¼) 

Type of fruit Tick the fruit you ate Size or  

number Type of fruit 

Tick the fruit you ate Size or  


Banana Melon 
Orange Mango 
Passion Others (specify) 

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