Introducing StayWoke Bundles from Telkom 12am-6am, How to subscribe to stayWoke, How to Check balance for StayWoke bundles

What is Staywoke Telkom data bundles

This is a 5GB data bundle allocation available for use between 12am and 6am every day. The bundles will be charged at Kshs39 only and customers can purchase the data more than once. Once the data bundle expires the benefits are lost.

How to subscribe to StayWoke bundle

You can subscribe to the #StayWoke data bundle using any of the following options;

  • Dial *544# from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Go to ‘My Telkom” app and select the #StayWoke data bundle to subscribe.
  • Go to ‘’ on your browser.

How to Check for StayWoke data bundles balance

Balance can checked by dialing *131#